Plants Make People Happy

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Did the title make you laugh? It's actually one of my favorite hashtags over on Instagram. And I also think it's true. Lanoha Nurseries invited me out this week to do what I do best-- snap some pics of my feet with plants. Kidding. Kind of. I did snap some pics of my feet but I also heard about their fall festival running October 20-22 and I found the gal responsible for the orchids and asked her a million questions (if you follow my Instagram, you get this). But really, fill your space with plants. Having my plant watering party makes me ridiculously happy. And don't freak out if you kill a few because it happens to all of us. 

I also have to say something about not blogging for awhile. I've been talking to a lot of people about all kinds of things lately: creativity, motherhood, time, social media, dreams, fears and just life in general. And you know what? Everyone is scared. Nobody has enough time. Everybody is going through stuff. Let's reach out to one another. Let's have that monthly gathering (Mallory). Let's have that cheese party (Katie). I'm going to actually come to one of those dang yoga classes (Ashlynn). Yup, I need to come and make something in your studio (Joy). And I think I'm ready to start blogging again too. I've heard from so many of you who've shared how inspiring it is to hear about other people running small businesses. I'm not sure what will all be included on the blog this round but let's just get started already. 


  1. I think there needs to be a campaign to bring back blogging. It's a visit to someone's space instead a of quick drive-by honk. (And plants do make people happy!)

    1. Do people really read the content or just want to look at pics-- I'm never really sure. Alright, you & me! Let's do this!! Somehow...


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