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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well, this little blog is now a year old. Thinking Smaller wouldn't be what it is without the folks who said "yes" when I reached out to them. I remember walking up to Stacia (from Metta Handmade) and Bill Hoover at Apple Day in Rockbrook last October. I introduced myself, explaining that I was starting this blog and asked if could I take some photos. They were the nicest, most gracious folks and I can't think of a better way to start off. The people listed below opened up their homes, workshops and studios to me. They shared how challenging and rewarding running a small business can be. They were brave enough to let me into their spaces where they think, create and dream. Thank you, thank you to all of these wonderful people and businesses for collaborating with me over the past year. You are all truly inspiring:

Metta Handmade
Cup A Garden
Jon's Naturals
Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design
Eat Your Beets
Lori Elliott-Bartle, artist
Summer Miller, author
Honey Creek Creamery
Reify Design
Kathryn Schroeder Ceramics

I have to mention my family. Thank you to my husband, Chris, who is known to provide tech support via text messages and remote access, especially when I decided to revamp the whole site on a whim. To my children, Henry, Rose and Caroline, I can't count all the times your little hands have been on Thinking Smaller's Instagram. Thank you for all the reminders to wander, take it all in, and most importantly, just slow down sometimes.

I've become pretty fond of this little blog of mine. It's made me discover and continue to learn about photography. It's made me become a reporter of sorts, taking notes, and trying to figure out how to piece everything together. It's pushed me to explore more. I've missed traveling over the last few years, but this blog has helped me realize there is so much to see right where I am. I can't wait to see what the next year brings and the new stories I get to tell.


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