In the Studio with Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I first saw Jamie Feinstein's work by stumbling upon his Instagram. I loved that his pieces were minimalist in style and looked like they'd be easy to wear every day. I must have given the right amount of hints because my husband gifted me with two bracelets from Jamie's collection for my birthday. Due to my ridiculously small wrists, I went to get sized in person. During my visit, we talked about kids, college degrees and of course, jewelry making. I was intrigued that he spent hours making each of his pieces by hand, so I inquired about coming back to take some pictures.

When I returned on a Sunday afternoon, Jamie was working on a small, copper container. He shared that this was one the first one he had ever attempted to make. While constructing this piece, he moved from station to station, soldering, polishing and re-sizing again and again. As an observer, I was amazed at his patience and the time it took to get everything just right. While I was there, I also got a look at some painted enamel pieces that he started to work on. To take a peek at his full collection, visit Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design. Here's a look inside his studio at Bench and his making process.


  1. It's always cool to see the artistic process of making something. Does he sell his jewelry in any galleries or stores in Omaha?

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. At this time, he is only selling online at


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