Indoor Zen

Monday, November 10, 2014

A few months ago, I saw some pictures of indoor succulent gardens and instantly wanted my own. There were so many different kinds of plants in all shapes, colors and textures. However, with all the noise and chaos at my house I quickly forgot how badly I wanted one. Fortunately, while wandering around Rockbrook Village’s Apple Day, I ran into Greg and his Cup A Garden business from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cup A Garden creates indoor succulent arrangements in handcrafted containers. Greg first started working with and collecting these plants in the 1970s. He wasn’t exactly sure how many different kinds of succulents he tends to in his gardens but said it was probably in the hundreds. Besides growing the plants, he creates and paints all of the containers by hand. I decided on a hand-poured concrete, rectangular container. I liked the simplicity of the shape and the variety of succulents it contained. The best part about these plants is how easy they are to maintain. I’ve followed Greg’s watering instructions and five weeks later, everything still looks great. Greg is done attending the local markets for the year. He is currently working on new gardens and website development with shipping opportunities for 2015. When I got home, I placed my arrangement in my master bathroom. It sits on a shelf above my bathtub, helping to bring a little more calm to my place away from the noise.


My purchase:  One succulent arrangement 


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