Finding Metta

Friday, October 17, 2014

It really started out as simple as this: I needed a new bar of soap. There’s just something about the way bars of soap feel and smell. After a quick online search to seek out some local, handmade options, I found Metta Handmade. Metta Handmade has a great website, unique package design and everything is made in small batches in Omaha, Nebraska. Besides the website, if you're local you can also find the products at Blooms and Dundee Gallery. One of my favorite pieces of information I found on the site was that owner, Stacia, started the company as a gift to herself after working several years in finance.

I caught up with Stacia and her husband, Bill, a local artist, at Rockbrook Village’s annual Apple Day. She explained that the goal is to use local, organic and sustainable ingredients as much as possible. When discussing the design on the packaging, she shared that it was actually created by Bill. There were several scented soaps to choose from and per Stacia’s recommendation, I selected the moisturizing Shea Butter Rose for the cooler weather ahead. Noticing the small jars on display, I scooped up a sample of the Rose Cream. The texture was amazing and it absorbed instantly. I decided on its sister, the fragrance free Avocado Cream. Then I saw something I knew my son would love. The dinosaur soaps in various scents were a nice surprise and I had to buy a couple. On a side note, I would like to add that I was able to name all of the dinosaurs they displayed in soap form. Hey, didn’t every kid want to be a paleontologist at one time or another?

Stacia & Bill 

My purchase:  The fabulous Avocado Cream, Rose & Shea Butter Soap, Tyrannosaurus Rex Fragrance Free and Triceratops Lemon Poppy Seed soaps


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